1. Katherine,
    Great job on your elevator pitch. I thought it quickly covered all the benefits of your business. Relieving anxiety is the most important for your business. It is so hard to leave a pet because they can’t let you know what really happens. This will be a very successful business for you.
    Tina Jones


  2. Hi Katherine,
    Nice job with your pitch! Your message was adequately put together to perfectly highlight everything that your business will offer for potential customers. I especially liked the fact that you added in that clients have nothing to lose but their anxiety! Excellent 🙂


  3. Katherine,

    Grooming is an interesting market. My mother is also a groomer and owns The Grooming Lady in Lincolnton, NC! As her daughter, making me a perminant, lifetime employee, I have developed a rich understanding on how protective dog owners are. To some, a pet is equivalent to a child and you wouldn’t trust your child with just anybody. Incidents of injures and deaths of pets at well known groomers such as PetCo and PetsMart have also tainted consumer trust. I believe establishing that trust is a vital factor for success in grooming and as Tina and Tiffany stated, you nailed it.

    Best regards,


    1. Courtney,
      I agree with everything you said. I am one of those that looks at their fur babies as their child. I am overly protective and understand the anxiety that people have.

      Thank you,


  4. Katherine,
    Good job on the elevator pitch. I like the slogan “you have nothing to lose except your anxiety,” it’s pretty catchy and wraps up everything you want your business to be for your clients!


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