1. Katherine,
    You have some great insight in growing a team for your business. I have been in business for 21 years and have had employees come and go. Unfortunately, you do hire people that do not work well in a team or on your team. I think it is important to be aware of the dynamic of your team for the best productivity and happiest employees. Having a team with members that are all alike usually does not work out as well as having one that the team members have different attributes. NIce post.
    Tina Jones


  2. Katherine,
    You are a step beyond many since you have already realized that you have to “step out of our comfort zone and become open to ideas”. Being narrow minded and hyper focused on what you already know is a clear path to failure. I also found Wasserman’s discussion regarding homogenous teams lacking critical skills and having redundant strengths interesting. I never really considered that the closest members of my network probably have overlapping human capital and that if I had them as members of by business team I may be handicapping the business. On the other hand, it is hard finding the right team members from people that you don’t know or have worked with before. I have also had a hard time with worrying about a previous business that I was a manager of. I constantly thought about what might be happening with the office on my days off. I wish i had read “How to Hire A-Players” forever ago!


    1. Bri,
      I agree with you on wishing I would have read this book years ago. I may have even taken a different career route. Having A-Players is so vital to a business. They are representing you and what your business stands for. So many great points in this weeks reading. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Katherine,

    It does! Those people generally get along better and at a faster rate.

    Especially in a business, you are going to be spending a lot of time talking to these people and working through problems. If you think in the same way then it could make these things easier for the company.

    Thank you,


  4. I agree with your statement from the book about how you can not make midgets into giants. I thought that this idea was a great way to think about it. Some people are just not meant to be A-Players (which is fine) but when running a company, you want to ensure that you have these A-Players on your team. It is always important to ‘coach’ your employees as to ensure you are getting the most out of them; however, you should not waste your time trying to ‘coach’ a B-Player to become an A-Player. Coach you B-Players to allow them to become the best B-Players they can be but do not try to make them become something they can not become.


  5. Mason,
    I agree, you need those A-Players on your team. There isn’t enough time and honestly money to waste on the wrong employees. It does happen everyday, but trying to avoid this is key.


  6. It really would be nice to be able to work with people just like us, but then we get caught in an echo chamber of ideas and it can disrupt growth. We need to be able to share and open up. Keeping those A-players can help with that as well. This was a great article!


  7. I agree with your comments about setting yourself up with the right people in the right place so if you need to step away you don’t have to worry about whether the business is functioning or not. Often founders can be overbearing and must know everything that goes on in every area. I think the key to not burning yourself out is empowering your employees so you can focus on what you are good at.


  8. Nick,
    I completely agree. Putting the right people in place will not only make the business run smooth, but also allow you to have a life and not become burned out.


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