1. Katherine,
    I thought that How to Hire A-Players was a great read. I really agree that it is important to let these key players know their worth, what is expected out of them, and where they stand with the company. Having the right employees is really priceless. Having bad employees can cause extreme hardship. Thank you for the great blog.

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  2. Katherine,
    I can totally relate to your discussion about leaders. I have worked for some really great ones, and also for some individuals who had a huge knowledge base about their fields, but lackluster management skills (i.e., no organization, not valuing their employees, hiring the wrong people, etc.) I currently work for an awesome leader who values his employees and holds frequent conversations with us about his vision and the companies strategic plan. It truly makes such a difference in retaining “A-Players”! – Nicole Woods

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    1. Nicole,
      You are right. It is amazing how many leaders do lack the quality needed to actually lead. I am fortunate to also work for someone that has and shares her vision with the team. It makes a huge difference in how we operate and we feel like a team.


  3. Katherine,
    I have also worked for poor supervisors and great supervisors. I didn’t realize how motivating it can be to work for a well structured and well run company with encouraging supervisors. My current job was a clearly defined organizational chart that they present you with on your first day. Going with the flow of the chart is a big part of their accountability and supervision. It is great to be a part of.


  4. Katherine,
    I think you make some great points. Experienced workers usually need less training but don’t always do the job the way you want it done. Less experienced (or inexperienced) workers will need more training but this means they will do the job how you want them to. It’s a toss up. Building a company so that you have other people in place to help in these circumstances is great, but at some point these people will need hiring and training of their own. Strong leaders are important, it helps employees know that their boss is capable and effective.


    1. Victoria,
      I agree, strong leaders are so important. Training is vital even if they already are experienced. You want them doing their job the way you want it done.


  5. Your comments about deciding whether to hire experience or inexperience(but moldable) likely also depends on the ventures overall financial outlook. If you are trying to grow fast and big I imagine you need experience. You will care less if its done the way you want it done, and more the way that makes the business money. If you are trying to maintain control and reduce costs hiring inexperience works, but as you said you may take more time nurturing them. This is a tricky tradeoff that needs to fit with the vision of your business.


  6. Nick,
    I agree. Depending on your goals and your vision, depends how you approach your hiring process. I do not want to babysit daily and do not have time for that. In the same sentence, I want things done the right way. It is tricky and you just have to work through the process and know that it will take time to get the right team.


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