1. Katherine,

    Great job on this. For some reason, your website makes me download a Word document in order to view the post, but it still works!

    You are right, all of these factors are very important when thinking about taking on investments. Figuring out what you want to do from an early stage is very important when it comes to outside investments.

    Thank you,


  2. Katherine,
    You make an interesting point that if you don’t have the right team then getting investors is pointless. You have to plan for growth and be ready to build the business in order for an investor to see you as a sound investment. After all, they aren’t just throwing their money away, they want to see it put to good use!


    1. Bri,
      Having and finding the right investors is so important, but only if you have that team in line and ready to go. I learned so much from this book and has opened my eyes on what is important and how to figure that out.


  3. This was extremely simple and well written. You explained the various types of investors well in this post and gave the reader a lot to think about. We really do need to make sure we have an idea of where we are, and where we want to go. We must have our ducks in order so when times comes that we need to make a decision, we can do so with relative ease.


  4. As you put it ‘have all your ducks lined up’. This is definitely key to planning your venture. Investment types do have a lot of strings attached and no one choice is right to all situations. You must choose wisely!


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