1. Katherine,
    Wonderful podcasts.
    It’s interesting how people are almost born entrepreneurs. I have found through conversation that there are some people (entrepreneurs) who look at an obstacle and immediately start thinking of a way around it. Instead of just accepting what is given to them, they analyze the situation and improve it. Others will look at an obstacle and deem it the end of the road or accept a process without question even though the process could be improved. This small but imperative difference is key in an innovative leader. You provided great real life examples of how the entrepreneur mindset can flourish in any setting.

    Courtney Wright


  2. Katherine,
    I think that highlighting people who start from nothing (truly nothing, no family money, no support) and who reach great heights through perseverance is important. Many great innovators come from money or have lots of family support and it’s hard to hold them up as heroes to my students who come from low income communities. Finding these true “bootstrappers” is motivating. Highlighting the perseverance is motivating. Thank you for sharing this story.

    I read a book a long time ago I think called The Walmart Effect that was all about how Walmart, for better and for worse changed the retail sector completely. While it is sad that mom and pop stores have closed because of Walmart, one cannot deny Walmart’s positive effects on the efficiency of supply chains and even packaging (in an endeavor to drive prices lower Walmart has forced some suppliers to reduce packaging and waste). Again, while there is plenty to criticize Walmart for, they really did allow small communities and poor communities to have access to things they didn’t previously have access to through innovations in inventory tracking.



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