1. Katherine,

    Excellent analysis of your chosen ads. Each analysis flowed very well and you clearly got your points across. Based on a handful of your choices, it seems that provoking emotion and pulling at the “heart strings” is an effective tactic in the TV commercial world. Showing a viewer how a product or service can directly impact their life is of great importance. I actually got some goose bumps watching the Nike commercial. Very powerful. Great job!


  2. Katherine,

    Great choices for your ads this week. I really enjoyed the Dominos Pay Challenge ad. This campaign shows a new way to stay competitive against the competitors and between the customers as well. The Microsoft commercial was by far my favorite. For someone who is into E-Sports and have competed against someone with disabilities the ad was truly inspiring. Amazing job or your analysis this week and I look forward to the next.


  3. Katherine,

    These ads were inspirational. I found great emotion in the ad with the individuals with disabilities. It shows how no matter our shortcoming or struggles, we can still accomplish success.



  4. Katherine,

    These were some powerful ads that you selected. It really uses emotion to bring you in and become one with the product. This sense of emotion makes you want to buy products these companies offer. I call it a “feel good buy”. This works best when the customer and visually see the emotion. Love your blog!



  5. Katherine

    I enjoyed watching the ads you selected. All used an emotional element to connect with existing and potential customers. Microsoft’s ad was memorable because it showed how targeted customers use their new controller and how it has changed their lives. Companies regularly engineer products with the majority of the population in mind, so it’s nice to see how Microsoft is making its products available to a broader range of customers. I like the format of your analysis. Good job!



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