1. Katherine,
    Comedy goes so far in cementing a commercial in your memory. I was almost in tears with laughter at some of the commercials you chose, particularly the “trash panda” and the men’s clinic. With a great combination of voice acting and a well-written script that adds comedic value and information, radio ads can be hard to beat. Within a week’s time, radio advertising reaches almost the entirety of the United States, and more than half the country listens daily. The cost is also much less than a video advertisement. Great choices, and I enjoyed your analysis.



    1. Joe,
      Thank you, I think the men’s clinic was my favorite. I want humor or something that tugs at my heart when it comes to any type of advertisement. I think radio is the best way to get my attention because when it comes to TV, I fast forward now and skip commercials. I don’t normally scroll the radio as much.


  2. Katherine,

    I liked your selection of ads and analysis. As Joe mentioned in his comment, humor is such an effective way to grasp the attention of a listener and gain some real estate in their heads. There is something about humor, laughing, and smiling that makes people feel good. If you can come up with an ad that makes someone’s day just a little bit better, there is a good chance they may at least look into what you are selling.

    One small piece of feedback that I have is to post your analysis directly on your blog as opposed to having views download a word document. You have such a clean and inviting website! I would rather read from there versus a standard word document.

    Again, great job!



    1. Zach,
      Thank you for your comments. Laughter is definitely the best medicine and my favorite ad to listen too. I did try and download it directly to my site, but it would accept the pictures for some reason. I need to figure out why for the next ones. Thank you for that suggestion.



  3. Hi Katherine,

    I’ll echo Zach and Joe by saying the humorous ads stuck with me. The last line from the Quickcrete ad about the bankrupt startup cracked me up. Your post format looks similar to mine. I feel like the assignment description left room for a lot of interpretation. It will be interesting to see how all of our blog posts evolve as we are exposed to everyone else’s posts. One thing I struggled with was where to insert some of my own thoughts into the assignment. I ended up adding a commentary section and that felt good for this round.

    Looking forward to following along this semester!

    Brian G.


    1. Brian,
      Thank you for the comments. There were different ways to do this and I felt this was the best for me. I agree with you, humor is the best and for me catches my attention quicker.



  4. Hi Katherine,
    Nice job with your analysis. I really liked the structure and format of your analysis. The answers were straightforward and easy to understand. I think I like the Soft Rock ad the most, because I thought it was funny and clever. What they were promoting was a bit ambiguous and I would add they could be targeting both men and women in relationships. One thing I’d do differently was post the analysis directly on your website. Overall, good job!



  5. Hey Kathrine,

    Great choices on your radio ads! The same as everyone else, I especially enjoyed “Soft Rock Jim and Donna” ad. Being able to market something that could be seen as embarrassing for people and make it humorous while at the same time making it sound normal and relatable is truly a talent. Thank you for this amazing structured and detailed analysis, I look forward to more.



  6. Hi Katherine,

    I really enjoyed your interpretations and liked how straightforward your style of doing the assignment was. The ads you chose were very interesting and, as others have said, the humor adds so much depth to the pitches. I especially liked the Quickrete ads, as they are so quick but powerful. Excellent work, as always!




  7. Katherine,
    I very much appreciate the clean, easy-to-read layout you used for your analyses. A catchy, memorable song like in the Motel 6 advertisement is a powerful marketing measure. If you can find a hook that gets people to remember you, they will be more likely to use your product/service when needed.
    Humor is also extremely valuable. Of course everyone has a different sense of humor, but none the less comedy is something that most people appreciate. I am much more likely to tell a friend about an advertisement that hits my funny bone or an emotional cord rather than one packed with information.
    Great work Katherine!

    Brittany Marshall


  8. Katherine,
    I love how easy it is to understand your analysis. I agree the ability to use humor to grasp a products or services proposition is a great way to install it into users or customers. This use of humor can travel a long way with the customer all the way to purchases of the product.



  9. Great choices Katherine,
    I agree that using humor is tried and true. It is seen by advertisers as the fastest and easiest way to make a positive human connection.


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