Product: Colored TV

Title: Open before Christmas! here’s why: there’s so much going on in NBC BIG COLOR TV… every night!


Date: NBC weekly shows in October 1956

Company: National Broadcasting Company

Objective: To inform the reader of the big color tv coming out

Target Market: Consumers that watch TV

Action: The magazine ad wants people who watch TV know that they have one now that is in color.

Value Proposition: The value is to see things on TV in true color, not black and white.  Also, they can do it now because it is available.  

National Geographic:  Wrong father

 Of course I had to choose one with dogs. This advertisement is advertising National Geographic show, The Dog Whisperer. They used humor to get the attention of the viewer to hopefully tune in to the show.

Product: Television show, The Dog Whisperer

Title: Wrong Father


Date: February 2012

Company: Ireland Davenport, Johannesburg, South Aftrica

Objective: To the person of a show coming on National Geographic

Target Market: Dog lovers and people who watch TV

Action: To get people to watch The Dog Whisperer

Value Proposition: To entertain people and for those with dogs to possibly teach them something about dogs.

Fundacion Padre Hurtado:  Drunk
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This is a very powerful scene showing that children are affected by their parent’s
actions.  They suffer more than people probably realize.  This particular
campaign had two other pictures like this with abuse and prostitution.

Title: Drunk


Date: December 2011

Company: Y&R

Objective: To bring awareness to a problem in this world of
parents drinking too much and their children see and know more than they

Target Market: Parents and I also believe anyone who is in
contact with kids.  Stay vigilant and
look for signs from children.  They
sometimes have no voice and adults are their voices.

Action: For any adult who drinks too much and have children
to wake up and stop.

Children will have a better
relationship with their parents and a better childhood if they are not treated
in this manner.

Industrial Strange:  METH
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Another powerful ad on what Meth can do to your teeth.  Everyone has seen pictures of people and
their teeth are black or missing.  You can tell they are on Meth.  This bold
statement will hopefully stop those who have never done Meth but want to try it.

Title: Meth


Date: December 2011

Company: P&P Medien

Objective: To bring awareness to everyone what Meth can do
to your teeth

Target Market: Everyone, especially those using Meth, but
also those that have thought about it. 

Action: To stop people from using Meth

Value Proposition: Save lives and teeth

TopGear:  Road safety, Social media

Powerful ad on how important it is to stay of your phone while you are driving.  This shows that you can end up at the bottom of the ocean because you are not paying attention.

Title: Road safety, Social Media


Date: July 2011

Company: N=5

Objective: To get people to stop using their phone while they are driving.

Target Market: Drivers

Action: People realize they need to focus on the road and not their phone.

Value Proposition: To save lives


  1. Katherine,

    You made some excellent choices this week for your newsprint advertisements. I like your new setup, and it helps convey the information in an easier-to-read format. It is fascinating how powerful just a picture and maybe one or two words can indeed be. Great job this week!



  2. Joe,
    I completely agree, I put on someone’s blog how powerful a picture could be even more than a 30 second commercial. Reading a line or just processing a picture can be so powerful. Thank you


  3. Katherine,

    I too like your set-up as it is short and too the point with each analysis. Great choices as well. I have enjoyed looking at all of these print ads and taking the time to dissect the meaning behind the pictures. Some of them are extremely creative and powerful. I was especially impressed with the ad that has the child curled up inside the wire parent figure sitting on the sidewalk and drinking alcohol. Just as you mentioned in your comment on my newsprint analysis, it seems that the pictures have more of an impact on the viewer compared to radio or TV ads. Most of them grasp your attention and then make you figure out the puzzle. Very thought provoking. Nice work!


    1. Zach,
      That image was powerful to me as well. I really do feel that these pictures are so much more powerful than even a 30 second commercial. I have learned that through this assignment.

      Thank you


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