The campaign successfully highlights the ineffectiveness of symptom management and addresses the impact that these treatment failures can have on patients like the Teddys.  I think they did a great job with the teddy bear concept. 

Product: Mirum Pharmaceutical

Title: The Unbearable Itch


Date: April 14, 2021

Company: McCann Health

Objective: To bring awareness to parents of children with CLD that there is help with the constant itch they have.

Target Market: Parents with children that have CLD

Action: They want parents to reach out to them for help, understanding and education on how to help their child.

Value Proposition: Children may be able to help control their symptoms. 

This ad has a few different pictures that show events and different parts of life we are missing because of COVID.  Mucinex is showing the wearing the mask will allow us to get back to more of a normal sooner than later.

Product: Mucinex

Title: Back to normal is up to you


Date: August 2020

Company: McCann Health

Objective: To reinforce to the American people how important it is to wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID.

Target Market: Everyone

Action: They want everyone to wear a mask.

Value Proposition: The value of wearing the mask is to get back to as normal of a life as possible.  The mask will help stop the spread.

This ad did make me laugh, and if you have had a few classes with me, you know dogs and animals in general are life.  This ad is showing that the botanical oil can and will help animals from an iguana to a dog or rabbit. These oils are so helpful to pet owners to help control pain and anxiety. I love the humor in these pictures.

Product: CBD oil, NYC Botanics Pet Oil

Title: It Ain’t Reefer, It’s Relief


Date: February 2020

Company: GSW

Objective: To educate pet owners that there is an alternative to giving your pet pills everyday

Target Market: Pet owners

Action: To educate and sell their product to pet owners depending on the need.

Value Proposition: To have happier and healthier pets

Product: Toyota RAV4

Title: RAV4


Date: May 2019

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Objective: To show off the RAV4 and that it can take you anywhere

Target Market: Car owners especially those in the marker for a new vehicle

Action: They want people to come test drive and buy the RAV4

Value Proposition: The vehicle is dependable and can take you anywhere at any time.

These are two very powerful pictures of human trafficking scenes.  So many people do not know about this problem that still.

Title: Heal Trafficking, Human Trafficking


Date: May 2019

Company: Grey

Objective: To bring awareness to human trafficking

Target Market: Everyone    

Action: They are hoping this will open the eyes of everyone to look and become aware of their surroundings, not only to protect themselves, but also to look for people who may be victims.

Value Proposition: To save yourself from becoming a victim, and or saving someone else that may be a victim.


  1. Katherine,

    You chose a great array of advertisements for the week. Some were comical, some had messaging, while others just wanted to sell you a RAV4. This assignment has been fun seeing and reading through all the advertising that goes on all around us every day. It’s mind-numbing how much advertising we see daily, from looking at our phones to our drive to work. Personally, I enjoy it when advertising agencies can take a clever picture and combine it with humor. That combo, in my opinion, is what truly hooks and sells or conveys something to consumers. Good job!



    1. Joe,
      Thank you so much, I think the CBD oil was my favorite, so I agree, take something funny and put it with an advertisement. It made me stop scrolling and look to see what it was. A good eye catching ad goes a long way.



  2. Hello Katherine,

    You have a good variety of ads this week. The Botanic Pet Oil ad was pretty funny and a favorite of mine. I am a big animal person myself and found this ad amusing. The Mirum Pharmaceutical ad was pretty heart breaking. I literally pictured my kids having an unbearable and how horrible it would be. You did an amazing job with you analysis and your ad selection this week, thank you for sharing.


  3. Hi Katherine,

    Great diversity in your ad choices this week. I think the most common theme between your choices was great imagery. I find that striking images seem to set apart the good from the great when it comes to magazine ads. The format itself almost demands it. In order to capture the attention of someone flipping through a magazine, you need to use glossy colorful and unique images to make them stop and read. My favorite of yours this week was the Rav4 one actually. I think I’m just ready to get out and adventure again!

    Looking forward to our last posts!

    Brian G.


    1. Brian,
      I agree with that statement. You have to have great imagery to capture people’s attention. That is one reason i chose these. I am ready to get out and explore again myself. May 2022 hopefully I will once school is over.


  4. Katherine,

    I think the creative pictures of these ads do the ad justice. It really draws the customer in and grabs your attention. The use of the detail and colors do a great job in helping get the message across for the companies.



  5. Katherine – nice ad selection! I like the way you organized each ad, and clearly outlined what the product, objective, target market, action, and value proposition was for each. My favorite ad was the one incentivizing individuals to wear a mask by making them wear other objects that are missing from their life as one. Your analysis indicates the individuality aspect of this ad as well as the anger of frustration it invokes from its viewers. Good work!


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