This billboard uses humor to promote their nose trimmers.  They used actual power lines as nose hairs.  In the comments, people loved this billboard even wanting to go see it themselves.  They also suggested you could use this for your ear hairs as well.  This billboard is in Indonesia.

Product: Nose Hair Trimmers, Panasonic

Title: Nose Hair Trimmers


Date: November 2009

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Objective: To show their nose trimmers and its safety cutting system.

Target Market: Anyone with long nose hairs, mostly men

Action: To get customers to get their product          

Value Proposition: Men to keep their nose hairs short and not flying in the wind.

This is probably the neatest billboard I have seen.  McDonald’s took 3 weeks to grow this billboard.  They wanted their customers to see the freshness and watch the 16 different types of lettuce they use for salads grow.

Product: Salads

Title: Fresh Salads

Link:, here you can watch a time lapse of the billboard coming to life

Date: December 2008

Company: McDonald’s, Leo Burnett

Objective: This ad reinforces the idea of “freshness” precisely by letting viewers in on a genuine growth process.

Target Market: Anyone who eats salads

Action: They want customers to go to McDonald’s and eat their salads.

Value Proposition: Customers that eat their salads will have the freshest lettuce

These billboards are in Chicago and followed the lettuce billboard.  I think McDonald’s has done a great job.  This egg hatches every day. The egg stays hatched from 6am until 10:30 am.

Product: Eggs/ breakfast at McDonald’s

Title: Giant Egg


Date: July, 2008

Company: McDonald’s, Leo Burnett

Objective: To keep the audience engaged after the lettuce billboard.  Inform people of their fresh eggs, breakfast and time they serve breakfast.

Target Market: Everyone who eats breakfast

Action: They want people to come in and get their breakfast.

Value Proposition: People will see the hatched egg and they will know they are serving breakfast and go eat with McDonald’s.

Where users expect another flat board, provide a 3D experience that leaves them wondering what the brand is all about. Edina Realty hit a home run on this billboard to catch the eye of people going by it.

Product: Realty Group, Edina Realty

Title: Realty Boxes


Date: 2020

Company: MNFX

Objective: To catch the eye of people and remember them when they are in the market for a house and or to sell their house.  This also shows they have helped thousands every year and want to help you as well.

Target Market: Potential home sellers and buyers

Action: For people needed to buy and or sell a home to contact them.

Value Proposition: To get your house sold and to purchase one as soon as possible

What a powerful billboard.  This is in London and is an interactive billboard.  As people look at her, her face heals

Product: Domestic Violence awareness

Title: Look at me

Link:  Great video on making it and talking about the billboard.  Also shows the face change.

Date: March 2015

Company: WCRS for Woman’s Aid

Objective: To bring awareness to domestic abuse

Target Market: Everyone

Action: They want everyone to open their eyes and look at people.  Be vigilant and do not turn an eye when you think something is off.

Value Proposition: If we all stand up, we can get people out of situations they feel stuck in and even save lives.


  1. Hi Katherine,

    You chose an amazing group of ads for this week. I think out of all of them, my favorite would be the McDonalds one. I really appreciate the fact that the concept was simple, but the work involved shows their dedication to marketing the advert effectively. The giant egg is also very innovative and playful. The “Look at Me” advert is very striking and I think the message is so visually dynamic and memorable. Your descriptions and information are spot-on, also. Great work!




    1. Thank you Taylor. McDonald’s did a great job I felt of really thinking outside the box and being innovative. Same with Look at Me, how powerful. I enjoyed these this week and thought they were all great.


  2. Katherine,

    Wow! You really found some gems this week. In all seriousness, these might be some of the best billboards I have ever seen. The McDonalds billboards are near-genius level marketing and really get their message across. The nose hair trimmers billboard is just hilarious, while the abuse billboard is really tragic. Great job, and you really found some good ones!



    1. Joe,
      Thank you, I really felt this billboards were just so good and well thought out. McDonald’s did an amazing job and yes the Look at Me was just powerful. Thanks so much.


  3. Katherine,

    Excellent ad choices this week. As Joe and Taylor stated, these are some of the most creative ads I’ve seen. Both of the McDonald’s ones are so simple and genius. The lettuce billboard used to depict the freshness of their food is brilliant. I am also very impressed with the domestic violence “Look at me” ad. So powerful and engaging. All of these ads show how going the extra mile in your advertising can make a lasting impact on the viewer.


  4. Zach,
    Thank you so much. It definitely shows that when we are thinking along the lines of advertising, we really need to think outside the box. What will leave an impression, these billboards did that.


  5. Katherine,

    I love the uniqueness of these ads. They will definitely stand out to someone as they pass by. I think that was their intent. These cool ads for sure draws customers into their store, which will increase sales. Additionally, I love your interpretation of the McDonald’s ad, it was very comical.



  6. Katherine,

    You have a great set of outdoor ads. I laughed at the first ad when I first saw it. It is evident what problem Panasonic’s product will help solve. McDonald’s did a great job on both the ads featured here. The egg hatching one is innovative, and I am sure it resulted in a lot of exposure for that location. The 3D moving boxes were interesting. The last ad was effective in bringing attention to the sensitive topic of domestic abuse. Your analysis provided additional information for me to better understand the intent of each ad. Great job!



    1. Adam,
      I was so impressed with McDonald’s billboards. The domestic abuse was tough and just a great reminder of what goes on everyday. The creativity in these billboards blew me away. I enjoyed this assignment.


  7. Katherine,

    I enjoyed your selection of outdoor ads. I really thought the Look at Me ad was really innovative. The message on how women feel during domestic violence situations and ways to prevent it are very powerful in the ad. Looking at the Panasonic, Nose Hair ad was pretty funny. The use of the electric poles and powerlines for the creation of the billboards are pure genius. Thank you for sharing your analysis this week.


    1. Andreius,
      I would never have thought about using power lines for nose hairs. These assignments really showed me how people think outside the box and how important that is.


  8. Katherine – I really liked the sense of humor in the ads that you selected. I particularly liked the nose hair trimmer ad. I don’t think I have ever seen an ad that incorporates other environmental features (like surrounding wire cables) as a central part of its artistry. Definitely ingenuous and it is certainly captivating!


  9. Katherine,
    Wonderful choices for your outdoor advertisement analysis! The first four are so fun and memorable, while the final is memorable for its own emotional charged reason. The nose trimmer billboard is so creative in that they used the surrounding power lines, and would definitely make me chuckle each time I passed it. I really appreciate that McDonald’s advertising team took the time and effort to grow real and use real plants on their billboard. A great touch for promoting freshness.
    Great work Katherine!
    Brittany Marshall


  10. I love how creative ad agencies get with the billboards. They are able to create very strong visuals that quickly get the point across. I especially enjoyed the Panasonic nose hair trimmers & McDonald’s fresh Salad ad.



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