During my time in the M.I.L.E. program at Western Carolina University, it has become even more apparent how important research is. While doing these assignments and researching my industry, I have learned so much. My original idea was to start Allee’s Resort & Spa with a boutique. After researching and really opening my eyes to the way people shop made me realize that I may need to hold off on this portion of the business. It is hard for small business’s to compete with the big dogs like Chewy, Amazon, and Walmart. Also, realizing that that is okay. Focus on the main reason for opening the business and grow that portion. My main reason for wanting to start this business was to help ease the minds of dog moms and dads that their fur baby was going to be safe and have fun while in my care. The boutique honestly has nothing to do with that objective. One day, that maybe an add on, but until then, I am focusing on the bread and butter of the business. Diving into your industry and understanding your customer base is important. What do your customers need and want, what is this industry doing right now, is there a need for your industry? At this present time, the pet industry is booming and they do not see it slowing down anytime soon. I know Allee’s Resort & Spa will be a successful business once it is up and going.

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