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Professional Presentation

Hello everyone. I did a presentation for my ENT 645 Marketing class on my future adventure Allee’s Resort & Spa. After my presentation I got feedback from future clients and they are excited about the future of the business. I have done some speaking in the past, but it has been years.

I know that the uniqueness will take this adventure far. Offering 24/7 camera access is not something that is offered in this area. Also, the therapy pool will take us to different level. My audience were very interested in this option for their dogs that now have arthritis and hip issues. There is nothing at all around here like this.

After all of my feedback, I know I am on the right track. I have many people that are wanting to help me with this venture because they believe in it and believe in what I want to accomplish. I can not wait to see what the future holds for Allee’s Resort & Spa.

Duct Tape Marketing: Strategy, Identify your Ideal Client, Marketing Message and Web Presence


This book helps you see that you need a strategy of how you are going to make your business successful.  It isn’t just about your goal, mission and objective, but how you are going to achieve these important pieces.  There are three steps that help achieve this.

  1. Decide Who Matters- Figure out who your ideal client is.  This will provide focus in your marketing strategy.
  2. Be Different- find what will set you apart from competition and bring your ideal client to you.
  3. Connect the Dots- Take the information you have researched from the first two steps and put them together to create your strategy.

Ideal Client

Once you identify your ideal client, you can begin putting together your strategy. Look at who your client is, where they live, what they do and what you can offer to ensure they take their business to you. Are there enough ideal clients in my area?  Research is key!

A large take away for me in this chapter was focus on niche markets.  If you have a specific niche, then you have less competition, it is easier to communicate with this group and you have a specific group that needs or wants what you have.

Marketing Message

The message you portray needs to set you apart from the other businesses that mirror yours.  Customer service is vital. Be very selective in who you hire, these are the people that are communicating to your clients and representing the business.

Another piece of this puzzle that I found important was what you are selling?  Everywhere you go, people always ask what you do for a living.  How you answer this question will decide on whether they remember you or not. An example in the book that I liked was a chiropractor doesn’t align your back, they relieve pain. How you market what you do, can completely change how potential clients can see the benefit of your business.

Web Presence

Web presence in today’s world is vital.  Many business owners do not take advantage of this tool.  Designing a webpage, starting a Facebook page, twitter, blogging and so on is such an easy way to connect with clients and social media is free.  What a great way to connect with different groups.  Using these tools can help generate repeat customers which is vital to the success of a business. Repeat customers can also help generate referrals which are also extremely important.  On these sights, you are able to write reviews.  Most people read reviews before purchasing merchandise.  These reviews can boost sales if the company is run properly. 

If you take all of these points and more that are noted in the book and put them to use, any business will be successful.  It is hard work, but the ones that work it and stick with it will succeed.


Jantsch, J. (2006). Duct Tape Marketing: the Worlds Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. Revised and Updated . HarperCollins Leadership